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Established over 20 years ago as a commercial linen company, Manchester Madness has evolved within the textiles industry to become a leading retailer of bedding and bath items online. With a strong focus on customer service, competitive prices and great brands, Manchester Madness continue to delight their valued customers each and every day.

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Puradown range are filled with a mixture of quality Goose down and feather. Construction with a non adjustable cassette style or box wall.  Featuring a series of individually filled squares, which maintain an even distribution of warmth.

Down is the soft and fluffy clusters which grow under the outer layer of Geese and Ducks to protect them from the cold. Down is lighter, and has better insulation capabilities than normal feather. Greater down content corresponds to a better quilt for warmth and quality.

Warmth without Weight

Fluffing and lofting qualities of the feather and down trap air and insulate more effectively

Drapability and Softness

Durability that lasts a Lifetime

Ability to breathe – Wake up Refreshed

Washable and Dry Cleanable