Are you looking to inject some instant personality into the interior design of your bedroom? Or do you just need that finishing touch to tie together a fantastic theme? Either way, why not let your quilt cover set and bedding do the talking? 

Prints can be loud, bold, fabulous or harmonious. And prints and patterns on your bedding can speak of your dreams or make a statement about what you feel reflects you the best. 

If your bedroom is your oasis where you escape to de-stress and maybe enjoy a cup of tea and a good book, try a calming print in natural, earthy tones. Both light and cosy, this balanced, abstract design will tell you to take some deep, relaxing breaths. 

Want to invite a touch of summer into your bedroom? Well, maybe a Mediterranean-inspired mosaic print will whisper to you of hot sand and azure beaches. 

If your interior design aspiration is for something young and edgy, which speaks of adventure and motion, how about a travel themed print? 

If changing the walls or blinds isn’t an option, the easiest way to inject laughter and colour into your room is with your bedding. And what’s more vibrant than the tropics?

For a bold statement that captures both the modern and the tribal and speaks for itself, how about an Africa-inspired print as a focal point for your bedroom?




Prints, like pictures, can be worth a thousand words. So what does your bedding say about you?