How do you keep warm during the cold winter nights? We love the dryer trick, the hot water bottle trick and the cuddle up close to your partner or pet trick. However, we've found an easier and more effective way to keep warm this winter with the Ramesses Smart Electric Comforter, no tricks. 




  • 10 steps heating control

  • 2 year warranty

  • Automatic 10-hour cut off switch

  • Automatic adjustable temperature control

  • Overheat protection setting

  • Cotton / Polyester Blend

  • Machine washable


  • King Bed - 245x210cm

  • Single Bed - 140x210cm

  • Double Bed - 180x210cm

  • Queen Bed - 210x210cm


We love the electric blanket because it is a great value, smart and cosy way to keep warm during winter.

Simply connect the topper to your mattress top, plug in and you're ready to go.

The Ramesses Smart Electric Comforter features smart-technology to ensure you're kept safe through the night. Don't settle for cheaper, less reliable products which can be dangerous and a major hazard. 

We love the 10-step increment heating, putting the power back in your hands for customisable temperature settings.

The two-side system also means that you control the temperature on your half of the bed while a seperate remote controls the temperatures to the other half of the bed. 



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