At Manchester Madness, we like to spotlight brands our customers have loved for many years. And given that the nights are only getting colder, chillier and rainier for the foreseeable future, there’s no better time to highlight a consistent favourite, the Puradown bedding range.

Here are just a few reasons we’ll always choose Puradown for luxury quilts and high-quality pillows.

The Quality

First and foremost, we associate Puradown with quality. That’s because they fill their quilts and pillows with natural materials such as wool, duck-down and goose-down. When the down from ducks and geese is used, it’s lighter, breathable, and provides great insulation. It’s warmth without weight.

All quilts are also constructed in a ‘cassette’ shape with squares filled individually, so an even distribution of warmth and quilt is provided.

Australian-Made Materials

Each Puradown product comes with the ‘Australian made’ label ensuring you’re always getting an Australian-sourced product. The wool, duck and goose feathers are collected in Australia, supporting our farming industries.

Puradown 80 Duck Down 20 Duck Feather Cassette Quilt

A major reason to love Puradown. This Cassette Quilt made from 80% duck down, 20% duck feather, comes in all sizes and is incredible for warmth and quality. The fluffing and lofting qualities of the feather and down trap air, helping the quilt to insulate more it effectively. This also helps the quilt drape beautifully and feel amazingly soft.

Just check out the five-star reviews customers have rated this quilt:

Ruth S. Verified Buyer:

“I am so so happy with this duvet. The puffiness and quality is perfect. It lies so beautifully on the bed and is so light to sleep under yet warm.”

Donna C. Verified Buyer:

“Quick delivery. Great price. So warm and snuggly. Best Winter purchase ever.”

Puradown 100% Duck Feather Pillow Pack of 2


This 100% duck feather pillow pack from Puradown features two plush pillows for an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep. Always able to be fluffed back into shape, this durable pillow will last a lifetime with proper washing and dry cleaning.

Our thanks to Puradown for making quality quilts our customers love! If you want breathability and to wake up feeling refreshed this winter - Puradown products are what we recommend to you.