The leaves are falling, the air is becoming crisp and the colours of the afternoon are changing. Infuse your home with these Autumn Season Style tips and watch your space transform with the aura of Autumn.


In Autumn we move into a deeper colour palette of burnt oranges, deep reds, shades of purples and browns. The Manchester Madness Autumn range will compliment your the moods of Autumn, throughout your home.


Here are some quick and easy ways to transform your home for Autumn:


1. Turn-over your linen. It’s time to put away your summer brights and stles and settle into some warmer, subtler and deeper colours.


2. Bring on the textures. There’s nothing better than running your hand along a velvety cushion, snuggling up to a knitted throw.


3. Blankets everywhere. Throw blankets are a great way to add texture to the end of the bed, an accessory for your favourite reading chair, a cute addition to any nursery and a welcome hand-out when you have guests on a cooler night. The extra layers of texture will be a subtle addition to the decor of your home and a neat introduction to the impending cooler nights for winter.


4. Colours are key - tone down the neon’s and brights and settle into a deeper, richer, more introspective color pattern for Autumn. Autumn is your transition period between the brights and warmth of summer and the more subdued and muted tones of winter. Invest in quieter, richer and deeper purples, burnt oranges, burgundy and navy to compliment the mood of cool but sunny days.


Here are some great items to suit your Autumn Season Style:


Linen House Versant Quilt Cover Set - $115

Modernize your bedroom with the trendy new Versant range from Linen House. Featuring masculine colors on a grey marle ground, this smart stripe Quilt range is woven in soft, comfortable cotton with a plain dyed reverse and flat trim.


Canningvale Egyptian Royale Bath Towel - $32.50 (Slate Blue)


Originally made for North America, this oversized, thick, luxurious towel is made from the finest genuine Egyptian Cotton and is made for us in Egypt. Our Egyptian Royale collection is the new benchmark in luxury and quality in towels at 650 gsm.


Bambury Wembley Waffle Throw Rug - $99.95


An ideal throw rug to keep you warm during those cold winter night. This rug is made in Portugal from Australian Wool. A perfect fit for snuggling on the couch, laying bed or even for travelling. Available in a variety of colours to suit any decor and furnishing. A classic and timeless waffle design, sure to last the years.